Introducing pgdedupe!

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Introducing pgdedupe! Combining datasets and performing large aggregate analyses are powerful new ways to improve service across large populations. Critically important in this task is the deduplication of identities across multiple data sets that were [...]

Connecting the Dots for Better Outcomes

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Connecting the Dots for Better Outcomes The most vulnerable individuals in society often struggle with long-lasting, multi-faceted challenges such as mental illness, substance abuse, chronic health conditions, and homelessness. Individuals experiencing these difficulties tend to [...]

Scoping Data Science (for Social Good) Projects

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Scoping Data (for Social Good) Projects Resources in this post:  Blank Project Scoping Worksheet (Previous Version) and a filled-out Project Scoping Worksheet. Over the past several years, the University of Chicago Center for Data Science and Public [...]

The Real World: DSSG

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The Real World: DSSG This is the true story of 42 strangers picked to live in a dorm, work together, and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite [...]