Building Open Source Tools to Analyze Smart Meter Data

Fellows: Philip Ngo, Miguel Perez, Stephen Suffian, Sabina Tomkins
Data Science Mentor(s): Varun Chandola
Project Partner: Pecan Street Inc., WikiEnergy
[Github Repository]

Millions of homes around the world are now equipped with “smart meters.” Data generated by these meters present the previously untapped potential to create economic opportunities and support the operation of a more distributed, resilient, and cleaner electric grid. Researchers and companies are only beginning to tap smart meter data to manage a smarter, more efficient electric grid and create energy management platforms and products that appeal to consumers.

Texas-based non-profit Pecan Street Inc. operates the world’s largest database of consumer energy information: WikiEnergy. This database is highly granular, including use measurements collected at 1-minute intervals from up to 24 circuits within the home. With access to this rich source of information and an algorithmic-based approach model, DSSG developed new residential energy management tools. For example, a model may infer appliance-level usage patterns to identify wasteful appliances, provide savings advice based on future consumption forecasts, or use weather conditions to help homeowners optimize thermostat settings. These tools may be used connect consumers with the powerful data generated by smart meters, help move the needle on energy savings, and create products that improve consumers’ lives.

You can read more about this project here and check out our Github repository.