When will I find out if I was admitted?


Once applications close the 31st of January, we will start the rolling review process aiming for the following dates. First week of February: initial review round starts Last week of February: review round completed,  all applicants moved to interview round or notified Mid February to mid March: interviews Late March: decision emails sent out (acceptances, [...]

When will I find out if I was admitted?2019-11-17T23:21:59-06:00

Are you only looking for tech and computer science geeks?


No, not at all! We love CS geeks but in order to solve high impact problems, we need teams with a broad set of skills. We want people from all kinds of backgrounds including sociology, economics, public policy, public health, geography, physics, and chemistry. However, we do want you to have experience with programming, data [...]

Are you only looking for tech and computer science geeks?2019-11-17T23:41:53-06:00

Do I have to be a student to apply?


Not necessarily but this is designed for current student or recent graduates. If you have finished a degree (undergrad, Masters, PhD) in the past couple of years, you should be ok to apply. We've had post-docs, as well as people in industry (recent graduates), and people in between undergrad and gradschool come as fellows in [...]

Do I have to be a student to apply?2016-01-15T02:11:44-06:00

Do I have to be a US Citizen to apply?


No, you don't have to be a US citizen to apply. We have sponsored J-1 visas (for those outside the US)  in the past as well as had F-1 students already in the US use CPT to be part of the fellowship. We can't provide funds for visa applications but can definitely send a supporting letter [...]

Do I have to be a US Citizen to apply?2019-11-13T11:04:26-06:00

Are Fellows paid, and if so, how much?


Yes, the fellowship is paid. The stipends are fixed but vary by the cost of living of the fellowship location  While budgeting for the program, please keep in mind that the stipend qualifies as taxable income. Due to our large number of international fellows, we cannot advise on the tax implications related to the stipend. [...]

Are Fellows paid, and if so, how much?2019-11-13T11:05:24-06:00

What about housing?


We are working on organizing housing for 2020. Please check back later.

What about housing?2019-11-17T23:21:12-06:00

Do Fellows select their own projects?


Partially. We spend the months leading up the Fellowship designing projects with project partners. Once the Fellows are selected, we will send you a list of these projects and ask you to give us your preferences. We'll then use these preferences and the needs of the projects to create project teams. You can see past [...]

Do Fellows select their own projects?2015-12-04T22:55:18-06:00

Will I get a paper published based on this work?


A lot of the project teams end up writing papers but that's not the goal of the summer fellowship. We encourage people to do good work with real impact and the paper is often a by-product of that good work

Will I get a paper published based on this work?2015-12-15T20:45:06-06:00
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