What is the goal of the Fellowship?


The Fellowship is a project-based training program designed to produce data scientists with strong skills in solving real-world problems and an understanding, excitement, and passion for solving problems with social impact. We have three goals (prioritized in that order): Training Fellows: We want to help create the next generation of data scientists who have the [...]

What is the goal of the Fellowship?2015-12-06T23:19:06-06:00

How do I apply?


Links to the applications for the 2020 program is at the top of this page

How do I apply?2019-11-17T23:18:41-06:00

Who is an ideal Fellow?


There is no single profile for an ideal fellow. Successful Fellows have different skill profiles and backgrounds in order to create a collaborative community. Everyone has some programming, statistics and data analysis skills in addition to a passion for making social impact. Some are stronger at Computer Science and Machine Learning. Others have a strong [...]

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What year do I have to be in school to apply?


Although we'd love to have people at all levels involved, we prefer you to be a graduate student or at least a senior in college to get the most out of this program. This is because we have learned over the years that fellows with prior skills are able to both get the most out [...]

What year do I have to be in school to apply?2019-11-17T23:19:38-06:00

Who should my recommenders be?


Your recommenders should be the two people who know you and your work best. This can be your advisor or professor, or your work/research manager. It is not necessary that they are faculty members at your university, but we recommend getting letters from people that can comment on your academic background, practical skills in data [...]

Who should my recommenders be?2019-11-17T23:31:10-06:00

Can I change my recommenders?


If necessary, yes. Please do the following: 1) Send the link to the new reference. 2) Send us the name of, contact info of, and your relation to the new reference at dssguchicago at gmail dot com. 3) Send us the name and contact info of the reference you'd like to remove at dssguchicago at [...]

Can I change my recommenders?2018-01-30T22:55:04-06:00

What if my recommendation letters come in after the deadline?


Any recommendations submitted after the deadline will be added to your application, but reviewers can only take into account information available to them at the time of review so we highly recommend you ensure your recommendations are in before the deadline.

What if my recommendation letters come in after the deadline?2018-01-31T15:39:25-06:00
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