Is your organization working on solving critical social challenges?

Do you believe you can use data, analytics, or AI to be more equitable, more effective, or more efficient?

The Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship is a 12-week program that trains students and recent graduates while giving them the opportunity to work on a data science project with a government or nonprofit partner that will have a meaningful impact on the partner’s community.

We are looking for social good organizations (typically but not limited to government agencies and nonprofit organizations) that are ready and eager to collaborate on a data science project with a team of bright, motivated students and recent graduates mentored by a full-time team of senior data scientists, project managers, and other technical staff on a project that will have a meaningful impact on the communities they serve.

Ideal project partners have a high-priority problem where they have the resources and commitment to make an impact but need data analytics support. Projects are most successful when an organization has reached a sufficient level of data and organizational maturity to support the project. You can assess your own organization’s data maturity using our Data Maturity Framework.

We expect partners to assign staff members from their organization who can spend 1 to 3 hours per week providing assistance to the project team answering questions and providing context to the project team. We also expect project partners to spend 1 to 2 days with the project team at the beginning of the program on-site in Pittsburgh.

Data Science for Social Good is looking for project partners to work with in 2022

What do you get as a Project Partner?

A Data Science Team

that cares about your problem and wants to make a social impact
Each team is made up of 3-4 data science fellows, a technical mentor, and a project manager.

A Prototype Solution

that helps you solve your problem using data science tools
The 12 week program usually results in deliverables that are a combination of analysis, reports, predictive models, and software prototypes

A Peer Network

of Global, Data-Savvy Non-Profits & Government Agencies
Our project partners come from all over the world and work on education, health, energy, public safety, and economic development problems

Exposure and Training

Learn what data science can do for you and how to get started
You get to learn how data science can help solve important social challenges from our fellows and other organizations in our partner cohort

What our previous partners are saying?

The summer was a win. It showed the potential power of data projects to the city…creating a market for this type of analysis within Cincinnati city government. The fellowship program gave us a cheap way of getting a really good understanding of how to manage these projects so that we can be successful as we scale up.
Chad Kenney, City of Cincinnati
They exceeded our expectations in terms of what they were able to deliver and even provided some things that, quite frankly, were not contemplated in the beginning of the process.
Dan Harris, Illinois Department of Human Services
We used to use data to justify funding decisions. Now we can use data to improve what we do.
Bill Thorland, Nurse Family Partnership
It’s Data Science for Social Good. It does not get any better for non-profits like us!
Parul Thukral, Feeding America

Some Recent Projects