Basic SQL for Data Analysis

Presenter: Joe Walsh

Level: Beginner

Are you new to SQL and databases? Then this session is for you! We’ll cover reasons why you should (or should not) use SQL databases and how to do the most common database tasks, including create, query, and join tables for doing data analysis.

This workshop will require the use of a computer so you should bring one.  We recommend installing some software before the conference:



  • Java 8
  • If you use homebrew (recommended), install with `brew install Caskroom/cask/java`
  • You can also download the software at
  • dBeaver Community Edition
    •  If you use homebrew, install with `brew cask install dbeaver`
    • Or you can also download the software here:

You can test your setup before the conference:
1. Open dBeaver
2. Choose “new connection” (a button in the top-left corner or an option under “database” at the top)
3. Choose “PostgreSQL”
4. Here’s the connection information:

  1. host:
  2. database: dssg_conference
  3. user: attendee
  4. password: dssg_conference_2017
  5. Choose “test connection.” It might prompt you to download Postgres drivers. Please do so. If you successfully connected, choose “next” and then “finish.”