Sponsor the Conference

We are looking for sponsors to support the conference.

Data Science for Social Good Conference brings together people from governments, non-profits, foundations, universities, and corporations that are at the forefront of using data to make policy decisions. Our attendees span all levels of these organizations – executives, managers, and analysts. In 2016, we had around 250 attendees from city, state, and federal government agencies, local and national non profits, and  universities across the across. The issues we cover include public health, education, criminal justice, public safety, economic development, social services.

You should support the conference to:

  • Support Social Good: We are using sponsorship dollars to cover event space and food costs so your sponsorship will allow us to keep registration costs low, making it easier for government agencies, non profits, and students to participate.
  • Increase the use of Data-Driven Decision Making in Governments and Non-Profits
  • Raise awareness about your efforts in Data Science and Social Good: If you are an organization working in this area, the conference will give you access and visibility to a wide spectrum of people involved.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits:

We can customize sponsorship levels and benefits based on the interest of the sponsor, ranging from $5000 to $50000. You can also sponsor/host specific events or functions such as the Conference Reception, or Live Webcasting, or Video Recording of sessions. We are also looking for funds to subsidize student travel to the conference and for prizes at the conference.

Benefits can include:

  • Recognition as host of the conferenced reception
  • Complimentary conference registrations
  • Possible Speaking or Panel slots (on a topic that is related to Data Science for Social Good and will need to be reviewed by the Conference Committee)
  • Prominent placement of logo on website and conference materials