Introducing pgdedupe!

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Introducing pgdedupe! Combining datasets and performing large aggregate analyses are powerful new ways to improve service across large populations. Critically important in this task is the deduplication of identities across multiple data sets that were [...]

Connecting the Dots for Better Outcomes

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Connecting the Dots for Better Outcomes The most vulnerable individuals in society often struggle with long-lasting, multi-faceted challenges such as mental illness, substance abuse, chronic health conditions, and homelessness. Individuals experiencing these difficulties tend to [...]

Scoping Data Science (for Social Good) Projects

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Scoping Data (for Social Good) Projects Resources in this post:  Blank Project Scoping Worksheet (Previous Version) and a filled-out Project Scoping Worksheet. Over the past several years, the University of Chicago Center for Data Science and Public [...]

The Real World: DSSG

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The Real World: DSSG This is the true story of 42 strangers picked to live in a dorm, work together, and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite [...]

Introducing the Data Maturity Framework

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Introducing the Data Maturity Framework In our four years of running the Data Science for Social Good Fellowship and the Center for Data Science and Public Policy, we have talked to hundreds of organizations about [...]

Data Science For Social Good 2016 Applicants

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Fellow applications for the 2016 Summer Fellowship are all in and we have been busy reviewing the 900 we received! As we go through the very high (virtual) stack of applications, resumes, and recommendation letters (with the [...]

2016 Applications are now open!

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We're excited and happy to start the application process for 2016. Applications are now open for Fellows, Mentors, Project Managers, and Project Partner Organizations. We expect to take around 42 fellows, [...]

What Makes a Good DSSG Project?

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Apply to be a Project Partner for 2022 What Makes a Good Data Science for Social Good Project? Data Science for Social Good is a summer program that requires year-round preparation. A successful [...]

Keep In Touch: Robust Retention Strategies for Health Leads

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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” - Mahatma Gandhi The Affordable Care Act enacted broad reforms across the United States’ healthcare system. But while the healthcare landscape [...]

Maternal Mortality in Mexico: Distilling Data into Policy Strategies

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[Apply today for DSSG 2015!] Previously, we wrote about the problem facing Mexico and many other countries: maternal mortality. In 2000, Mexico joined many other UN countries in committing to reduce maternal mortality, making it [...]

Data Science For Social Good 2014 Videos: Chapter 2

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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>   In the second installment of our DSSG 2014 videos, we focus on the team that worked last summer with the [...]

Defining the Undefinable, Measuring the Unmeasurable

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“When we enter our clients’ homes, we’re not just nurses, we’re also confidants and counselors,” said nurses from Nurse-Family Partnership’s DuPage County, Illinois local agency. For decades, Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), a national non-profit organization that [...]

Making our moms proud: Reducing Maternal Mortality in Mexico

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Despite advances in prenatal and postnatal health care, maternal mortality remains a major medical problem around the world. According to the World Health Organization, 800 women die every day from preventable pregnancy and childbirth-related causes, [...]

Heatmaps for Habitats: Enriching Conservation Sensor Data

By |July 30th, 2014|Categories: Blog Post, Project, Uncategorized|

Environmental causes typically work to preserve portions of the planet in their pre-human state. But conservation groups are increasingly finding ways of using modern technology to support their mission, allowing them to gather more information [...]

Anticipating Back to School Numbers, Before Summer Vacation

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In the Chicago Public Schools system, each school's budget depends on how many students enroll there. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to predict how many students will enroll in a given year, and inaccurate predictions [...]

Clean Development: Data Mining for Corruption Risks

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Every year, the World Bank Group lends billions of dollars to fund infrastructure and other development projects around the globe. Projects vary widely in scale and scope, ranging from developing hydropower systems to rehabilitating coral [...]

2014 Projects, Part 4: Chicago Department of Public Health, Montgomery County Public Schools, Conservation International

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It's hard to believe we're already a third of the way through the summer. During a foggy week where Chicago did its best impression of San Francisco, the DSSG fellows started to transition from exploring [...]

2014 Projects, Part 3: Memphis, Health Leads, Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness

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The time for introductions is over at Data Science for Social Good. Joined at the start of the week by a smattering of late-arriving fellows, the project teams are now at full strength, and they [...]

Why Doing Data Science with Non-Profits is Different from Industry

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Republished from DSSG fellow Carl Shan's blog, where is he recapping the summer week-by-week. One of the non-profit partners my team is working with came in to the office this past week. They shared with [...]

2014 Projects, Part 2: WikiEnergy, Enroll America/Get Covered Illinois, Nurse-Family Partnership

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It was a busy week of working with and learning from our project partners, in person at the DSSG space on State Street, on video chats, and in conference calls. Fellows heard how a diverse [...]

2014 Projects, Part 1: World Bank Group, CPS, Harris School/Sunlight Foundation

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In the second week of the fellowship, fellows and mentors have heard from a wide range of our project partners for the summer, learning from the experts about the problems they will soon tackle. Between [...]

Case Foundation: A Hairball to Help Non-Profits Untangle Strategy

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Starting a new nonprofit is a difficult process. Besides choosing a mission, developing a strategy and hiring employees, a new organization must figure out how they fit into the larger nonprofit landscape and find support. [...]

Cook County Land Bank Part 2: A Real Estate Finder for Vacant Properties

By |January 20th, 2014|Categories: Blog Post, Project, Uncategorized|

In a previous post, we asked how the Cook County Land Bank Authority ought to decide which vacant and abandoned properties to acquire. Let’s illustrate this question with a hypothetical comparison of two homes in [...]

Divvy: Helping Chicago’s New Bike Share Find Its Balance

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“Wow! What is that? Where’d you get it?,” the beach-going twentysomething asked me. I looked up from the map on my phone and steadied the powder-blue bike under me to answer his question. It was, [...]

The Match Game: Measuring the National Impact of Nurse-Family Partnership

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There are thousands of organizations around the country that are dedicated to helping people in need. Yet despite those good intentions, few of those organizations are scientifically rigorous in evaluating their strengths and weaknesses in [...]

The Dark Matter of Public Policy Data (Part 2): Statistical Solutions

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Part one of this series talked about the “dark matter” of public policy data -- the invisible factors not present in a dataset that can distort an evaluation of a program’s effectiveness. In this post, [...]

Fellow Roundtable: Reflections on the Start of the Fellowship

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The Data Science for Social Good fellowship is just getting started. Fellow Skyler Whorton wrote a blog post reflecting on week one of the program. We've brought thirty six fellows with diverse backgrounds and perspectives [...]

Welcome to Chicago: Who are you, and what are you looking for?

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This was the question asked of us by Paul O’Connor last Friday, at the first of our weekly lunch speaker series. O’Connor is an urban strategist at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill who formerly headed a [...]

The Fellowship and the Fellows

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The data deluge As technology penetrates further into everyday life, we're creating lots of data. (We could quote all the Gartner and Forrester made-up numbers, but we'll spare you.) Businesses are scrambling to find data [...]

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