We are looking for Full-Time Data Science Mentors to join the Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship programs in the UK!

The Data Science for Social Good Fellowship is a University of Chicago summer program to train aspiring data scientists to work on machine learning and data science projects with social impact. Working closely with governments and nonprofits, fellows take on real-world problems in education, health, energy, public safety, transportation, economic development, international development, and more.  For three months they learn, hone, and apply their data science, analytical, and coding skills, collaborate in a fast-paced atmosphere, and learn from mentors coming from industry and academia.

In 2019, two Summer Fellowships are being held in the UK, in partnership with Imperial College Business School in London (from June 3 to August 23) and University of Warwick/ The Alan Turing Institute at Warwick (from June 10 to August 30).

Data Science Mentors are a critical component of the Fellowship. Mentors are experienced data scientists with strong technical skills, practical experience, with an interest in mentoring students learn real-world skills and make a social impact. Typically, Data Science Mentors have PhDs in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Social Science, Statistics, and related areas, and 5+ years of industry experience working on data science problems.

Mentors work with dedicated team of fellows and provide hands-on technical mentoring and data science expertise to the projects.Each mentor leads (typically 2 or 3) teams of Fellows (3-4 people each) and serves as a project lead and technical adviser. Each Mentor is teamed up with a Project Manager who leads the relationship with the project partner as well as makes sure the team is moving forward. Mentors also help us teach workshops and tutorials over the summer and are an integral part of the organizing team.

What are we looking for?

An ideal mentor has a strong technical background, typically PhD (in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Social Science, or Public Policy) and several years of industry experience. We want mentors to have real-world problem solving experience as well as experience in leading teams and working with students and industry partners. Basically, we’re looking for experienced, smart, and passionate unicorns who want to make a social impact working with Fellows and our project partners over the summer.

In the past years, we’ve had a mix of successful mentors from Industry and Academia (with practical, real-world experience) with PhDs in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Social Science, Economics, and Physics.

  • Experience with Python Data Science Toolkit (Panda, NumPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, Beautiful Soup)
  • Experience with machine learning, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Spark, MapReduce, distributed computing, and AWS or other cloud environment
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in a field that utilizes modern day data science tools and methodologies
  • Able to explain mathematical concepts involved in statistics, probability and linear algebra
  • Experience with GitHub
  • Experience working on social impact projects
  • Has a passion for teaching/ has previously been a teacher, instructor, tutor or mentor (is a plus)

Interested candidates please fill in this application form.