Supporting Proactive Diabetes Screenings to Improve Health Outcomes

Fellows: Benjamin Ackerman, Kaleigh Clary, Jorge Saldivar, William Wang
Data Science Mentor(s): Rayid Ghani
Project Partner: AllianceChicago
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Diabetes affects over 45 million adults in the United States. It often results in additional health complications, increased health care costs, and mortality. Existing diabetes screening guidelines miss opportunities for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment among minority populations. We are partnering with AllianceChicago — a national network of 44 community health centers serving the least resourced members of their communities — to identify patients at risk of developing diabetes so that its network of community health centers can provide better medical treatment. The de-identified data set includes diagnostic codes, lab results, and geographic information for as many as two million people over the last 12 years. AllianceChicago plans to integrate the work into its electronic health records system (EHR) to help clinicians personalize their recommendations to patients and reduce their risk of developing diabetes.