Improving Workplace Safety through Proactive Inspections

Fellows: Ancil Crayton, Sonia Georgina Mendizabal Claustro, Emma Remy, Surabhi Trivedi
Data Science Mentor(s): Joe Walsh
Project Manager: Mirian Lima
Project Partner: Dirección del Trabajo (Ministry of Labor), Chile
[Short Presentation Video] [Project Blog Post] [Github Repository]

Many Chilean workers face significant workplace safety issues. Dirección del Trabajo, Chile’s labour agency, is responsible for reducing the risks workers face through performing inspections and remediations. However, a lot of time has been spent inspecting facilities reactively based on complaints. Dirección del Trabajo and Data Science for Social Good will collaborate on a data-driven approach to focus limited resources on the facilities that need them most, employing data science tools and field trials. We will use historical violation and safety records, as well as business, geographic, and other data, to help improve their inspection targeting in order to build a system that will make their existing proactive and support detering future violators.