Summit West, 500 W Madison Street, Chicago

Bringing together data scientists, government agencies, non-profits, and other organizations doing social good

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The Data Science for Social Good Conference is a University of Chicago conference to highlight the successes, opportunities, and challenges faced by the growing Data Science for Social Good community. Organized by the Center for Data Science and Public Policy @ UChicago, DSSG conference is bringing key members from Governments, Non-Profits, Academia, and the Private Sector together to share best practices, learn from each other, and generate new collaboration opportunities.

The 2017 Conference

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The 2017 conference is bringing over 300 people from the data science, academic, government, non profit, and corporate communities from across the world to Chicago. Over two days, you’ll listen to talks on case studies and challenges, attend and participate in panel discussion and facilitated discussion groups, learn from hands-on training workshops, and make new friends from different backgrounds all passionate about the use of data for social good.


  • Lightning Talks from Data Science for Social Good Fellowship programs from Portugal, Seattle, Atlanta, Taiwan, and IBM
  • Talks describing social impact problems where data science can help
  • Case Studies from public health, criminal justice, education, social welfare
  • Data sharing approaches across government agencies
  • Data Science education models from universities, bootcamps, and hands-on training programs
  • Scoping Data Science for Social Good Projects
  • Integrating Data Science and Human Centered Design
  • Data Science for Social Good Problem Templates
  • Hands-on Technical training workshops
    • Data Visualization
    • Machine Learning 101
    • SQL for Data Analysis
    • Understanding and Interpreting Machine Learning Models
  • Data Sharing – Challenges and Lessons
  • Building Data Science Teams
  • Ethics, Fairness, and Bias Issues
  • The Hand-Off: Reproducibility for Project Sharing and Extensibility
  • Data-science for good government: the value proposition (and risks) for policymakers
  • Role of the Private Sector in Data Science for Social Good Efforts
  • Learnings from Data Science for Social Good Fellowship Programs across the world
  • Role of Chief Data Officers in Policymaking
  • Ethics, Fairness, and Bias Issues
  • Life after Hackathons
  • Linking programmatic data to student academic data to improve youth outcomes

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The DSSG conference is organized  by the Center for Data Science and Public Policy, which is a University of Chicago initiative across the Computation Institute and the Harris School of Public Policy.

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