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EPA: Data-Driven Hazardous Waste Detection


What’s the problem? Hundreds of millions of tons of hazardous waste are generated every year. When this waste isn’t handled properly, the results can be disastrous. Chemical spills and explosions pose a serious threat to human health and the environment -- in 2014, there were over 20,000 spills in the US, leading to more than [...]

EPA: Data-Driven Hazardous Waste Detection2018-05-12T14:07:51-05:00

Our Knight News Challenge Submissions


This year’s Knight News Challenge asks, “How might we make data work for individuals and communities?” Data Science for Social Good and its parent organization, the Center for Data Science and Public Policy, pursue answers to this question every day. We submitted four of our projects to this year’s challenge so we can develop them [...]

Our Knight News Challenge Submissions2018-05-12T14:07:51-05:00

College Persistence: Helping Students Beyond High School Graduation


A college education is one of the keys to economic security and prosperity in the United States. Bachelor’s degree holders earn nearly twice as much as high school graduates, enjoy better health and hold jobs that offer a greater sense of accomplishment, independence, creativity, and social interaction (Oreopoulos and Petronijevic 2013). But there are large [...]

College Persistence: Helping Students Beyond High School Graduation2018-05-12T14:07:52-05:00

An Ethical Checklist for Data Science


As data scientists, we often get lost in the techniques and methods of our trade. In doing so, we can forget to ask important questions: who will be affected by our work? How we are ensuring that by doing ‘good’ for one group, we are not inadvertently harming another? Ethical controversies have dominated recent data [...]

An Ethical Checklist for Data Science2018-05-12T14:07:53-05:00

Blight Prevention: Building Strong and Healthy Neighborhoods in Cincinnati


Many cities are working to prevent the negative impacts of vacant buildings caused by population loss. Cincinnati is one such city, with a more than 40% reduction in population since 1950 and a large stock of historic buildings. This effect coupled with the housing crisis of 2008 has produced new challenges in Cincinnati and many [...]

Blight Prevention: Building Strong and Healthy Neighborhoods in Cincinnati2018-05-12T14:07:54-05:00

World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency Project: Kickstarting Data Science


Are you hearing a lot of data-themed buzzwords lately? Are you wondering whether the use of data science can help a project on which you are working? Using data makes it easy to prove the efficacy of a project and inform your decisions. More simply, data science is the process of taking all the data [...]

World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency Project: Kickstarting Data Science2018-05-12T14:07:55-05:00

Infonavit Project: Reducing Home Abandonment


Zumpango is a municipality of roughly 500,000 residents 50 kilometers from Mexico City, what might be considered an “exurb” in the United States. Though settlements have existed in the region as far back as 200 BC, the town has recently experienced a population boom, more than doubling in size since 1990 as more Mexicans move [...]

Infonavit Project: Reducing Home Abandonment2018-05-12T14:07:56-05:00

Police Project: Lessons From Charlotte


Police departments around the country have been in the spotlight recently because of several controversial, high-profile incidents. Tragic events in Ferguson, New York City, Baltimore, and elsewhere have highlighted the need for police departments to better address the issue of adverse interactions between the police and the public. Many police departments are working hard to [...]

Police Project: Lessons From Charlotte2018-05-12T14:07:57-05:00

Sunlight Project: Text Re-Use in Scott Walker’s Abortion Bill


On Monday, Wisconsin governor and 2016 presidential candidate Scott Walker signed into law a bill banning non-emergency abortions past the 19th week of pregnancy. Unsurprisingly, Walker's move garnered support from one side, derision from the other, and media attention from both. However, journalists face a big hurdle when trying to provide context for a story [...]

Sunlight Project: Text Re-Use in Scott Walker’s Abortion Bill2018-05-12T14:07:58-05:00

Australian Conservation Foundation Project: Engage and Protect


Last year, in a move opposed by over 90% of Australian citizens, the Australian government under Prime Minister Tony Abbott formally requested the de-listing of the Tasmanian Wilderness as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Abbott administration wanted to revoke the status to allow logging within the protected area. If successful, the bid would have [...]

Australian Conservation Foundation Project: Engage and Protect2018-05-12T14:08:00-05:00