The Greatest Technical Challenge of Our Day… Reading CSVs


Many data science projects follow the following workflow Define problem Get data Analyze the data (that may include building predictive models) Report the results of the analysis. Implement results into an operational system The move from step 1 to step 2 is often not trivial. First, the project partner needs to extract data from their systems and [...]

The Greatest Technical Challenge of Our Day… Reading CSVs2018-05-12T14:07:47-05:00

2016 Applications are now open!


We're excited and happy to start the application process for 2016. Applications are now open for Fellows, Mentors, Project Managers, and Project Partner Organizations. We expect to take around 42 fellows, 4-6 Technical Mentors, 3 Project Managers, and 12 Project Partners. We encourage everyone to read the FAQ before applying. Most [...]

2016 Applications are now open!2018-05-12T14:07:48-05:00